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XLK is an XL American bully kennel located in the south of Spain. Our breeding concept is based on the exciting idea of bringing to Europe the best genetics from the main XL American bully kennels.

Appreciating those who have been in this game the longest and produced the most insane beasts ever seen.

Iconic bullies from the world famous DDK9, Luxorbullies, Bossykennels, MVP, Muscledupkennels, Topdogsbullies, Ellisbloodline, Jimenezwhiteline, Primeyard Bullies are in the blood of our dogs.

All these kennels are absolutely amazing, so imagine what you can get mixing their knowledge, hard work, best studs and most wonderful females… The bully of the future is here.

Come and meet XLK family.


This project started from the wish of creating our own XL American bully line, not copying other kennels but working with them to get the next level XL American bully.


At XXL Lock Kennel, we breed loyal, empathetic and beautiful companions. Consequently, we care deeply about where our puppies are placed and seek to ensure that they go to good families.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards dog fighting or any other such behaviour that leads to a misunderstanding American bully breed.


Here at XLK, we seek to recreate the dogs’ natural environment. We provide firm leadership to our dogs and have instilled the importance of respect both for their human masters and their pack.

Our belief in the importance of our dogs living in their most natural environment is strong; we walk long distances with the pack daily through the mountains without the need for leashes. During these walks, our dogs interact with us and one another in a respectful manner.


From XLK Lock Kennel you will get nothing but a firm constant support in an exciting path we will walk you proudly trough, sharing the dream of changing negative perception of american bully.

Are you ready for this trip?


In our XLK Family, it s important to communicate and help each other.
We are happy to answer your questions about American Bullies as a breed and about our wonderful dogs!